Alberto Mera

Madrid, Spain

Investment Portfolio Manager, Equities Trader, Stock Broker, Entrepreneur, Trader

N+1 Equities

I work as a Sales-Trader in Equities, in Madrid (Spain). I sell and trade Spanish stocks to clients over Europe.

If you are looking at a profile like mine, you should already know the wonders of working in an Investment Bank: The "everyday is a new day" and the audacity required for the job.

I would like to talk to you about the different ways to get in. The dynamics of this and other jobs in the industry. The compatibilities and ways out. My opinion on trends and the future of the industry.

Of course, I'm available for any other doubts you may have.

Other areas where I can be of help are entrepreneurship (3 companies founded), blogging (2 blogs currently running) and internet marketing.


My name is Alberto Mera and I've worked in the financial services industry for 5+ years.

I always dreamed of working as an equities broker (at least ever since I watched the movie Wall Street) and I took all the unofficial steps to become one.

Hours of reading brochures, IBs' websites and financial sites helped me figure out the important things to have in your CV and how to sell your skills in the interviews. I graduated at a particularly bad moment to get in the business (2009) so I had to go easily through as much as three times the number of processes which would had been normal in other times.

I have filled countless job applications and interviewed tens of times. You may think I wasn't very good then, and you wouldn't be wrong. However, experience made me a strong applicant and in the end I had to decide between three offers.

That's one way to get in. We can discuss more on different paths that can potentially get you the job.

Four years have past since I got into equities. On the way I've learned the different roles in the industry. The different departments and the ins and outs of almost every position.

I want to help you understand the dynamics of this job and similar ones in Investment Banking. After working in different roles on my way to equities, I can speak intelligently on many of them.

For the past two years I have devoted some time to setting up companies as well. I'm about to launch my third business in the coming months and on the way I can recall: One business bankrupted; one on life suspension right now and one about to start. Also an abandoned blog and two active.

I have learned quite a lot about internet marketing, internet e-commerce, blogging and outsourcing. And yeah, I have to say that mostly I learned about multi-tasking.

What I encourage you to get out of our conversation are the uncommon ideas that only experience can give. It's also important to discuss the compatibilities of the job, possible exits and the potential lifestyle you'll have on the job.

All those are things you want to know even tho you may not be even thinking about it.

If you want to know how stockbrokers live. If you have questions about potential paths or are just looking for insider's advice, reach out and we will better address your concerns. Commitment free.