Glen Loveland

Beijing, Beijing, China

Human Resources Manager


I am the human resources manager for China Central Television, the largest and most profitable media company in the country. With 16 internationally broadcast channels and over 1.2 billion viewers, CCTV is unrivaled in providing a global platform for Chinese news and entertainment. The company is headquartered in Beijing with bureaus in Washington, D.C., Kenya and London.

In my position, I provide human resources leadership and counsel to employees in a 24/7 live production environment and support CCTV bureaus with foreign employee capital tools and solutions. I collaborate with senior executives on developing HR strategies for global employees in editorial and operations and support leadership teams in executing HR initiatives for staffing, succession/high potential planning, strategic development, performance management, employee relations, recognition, communication, KPI cascading and organizational development.

Here’s just a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet session(s):
• General HR best practices
• How to determine whether entering HR is right for you - the hidden pitfalls
• How to start a successful career in HR - checklist of how to manage your career
• How to find a local mentor and develop a professional HR network
• How to find your target company/organization and industry
• Career path, transitions, and advice, including job search strategies for a career abroad.
• For recent graduates looking to go into human resources, find out which career paths will best suit your personality, interests, values and natural talents, and learn how to get the most from your first “real” job.
• If interested in working in China, I can help with:
o Attaining information on China’s labor market and leading firms, including candidate mapping
o Briefing on Chinese employment and visa laws
o Insights on how to adapt and thrive in a new country or company

I've worked for a number of different organizations: federal government, small business, multi-national enterprises and state-owned enterprises. This background has helped me to thrive and adapt in different cultures.


I actually started my career in public relations. I loved working in PR but was eventually hungry for a new challenge. I find many similarities between PR and HR. They are both about people and messaging. PR messages are for external audiences whereas HR messages are for internal audiences. My past PR experiences make me a more effective HR manager.

The number one mistake I made in my earlier career was not seeking out a mentor. I wish I had sought out a mentor as a sounding board. I may have made different decisions that
would have at least made getting to this point a little easier.

What I'm most proud of is that I've entered every industry as a complete and total novice and moved up. I've been promoted more times than I can remember and have always managed to not only survive, but also thrive. I take a lot of pride in my work and career and don’t think I would backtrack on many of my decisions.