Alina Preciado

Brooklyn, New York, United States

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Alina Preciado, is a New York-based creative director and designer who has been working in the exhibit, furniture, interiors and experiential industry since 2003. She has played a lead role in directing high-level creative teams and conceptualizing award-winning projects internationally. Alina’s versatile skills and education as an accomplished creative and artist has given her the ability to create memorable and engaging experiences for both large scale and up close and personal projects. As a designer, her vast capacity for innovative project development falls into a rare category of taking unusual and sometimes challenging projects and turning them into works people can connect with and be inspired by. Her work can be best described as intuitive and multi-layered, through a foundation of design and fine art, which is always reflective in her work. Alina’s work has been featured in numerous publications and has been exhibited internationally.


Working as a designer and creative director can cover a large span of industries and disciplines. I believe good design is mindful and considers every aspect of interaction and experience. Over the years I have worked with a number of companies consulting, designing and leading considerable projects both domestically and abroad. I take great pride in saying that I have an acute pulse for market trends around me and a keen eye for design movements, two traits that have made way for having high profile names on my client list.

My educational background is two-fold, business marketing and creative design, a combination that I realize is not so common, but one that makes way for an understanding of what it means to represent a brand and to be informed by design. In my career, I have successfully managed large teams to complete projects, and believe a good team is at the heart of a successful outcome. In my field, I have not only been involved in the process from start to finish beginning with creative pitches, but have also been the expert in threading the design concepts and messaging, to express a seamless brand story. My work consists of a wide variety of creative process within the business environment, including fashion, marketing, corporate branding, interiors, campaigns, retail, trend forecasting, cosmetics, home design and team management. Ultimately, I am able to morph into enviroments and the avenues of the design and marketing world to communicate and grow, the project, brand or firm I’m representing.

Merging creative and progressive visions that are outside the common denominators is where my best talents reside. My experience and skillset is quite diverse, from management to multi-media projects. Addtionally my extensive travel and work abroad experience has also placed me into a unique category of taking projects to a larger level of understanding of global views as well simply having that global understanding domestically. I can assure you that I excel at realizing design that best reflects the strength, mission and beauty of a brand, aesthetically weaving environments that are memorable.

A sampling of what we can cover in our Pivot Planet session(s):

How to approach the design of a project, introspectively and translate those ideas into something with a narrative.

How to tap into your creative center and the outstanding skills waiting to be uncovered.

Understanding the pace, quantity and quality with regards to budget for a given project.

How to enter into the world of design, whether its events or interiors.

How to communicate and collaborate with a diverse range of people one encounters on virtually any given project.

Drafting, sketching and researching skills -- what's necessary in developing a design and its visual communication.

Where to work? All projects, disciplines and industries are not created equal. What avenue may be best for you and your goals with in this career?

What are pros and cons in the day and life of…

Creative process and how a thought leads to a thread that leads to an idea and real narrative.

*** With over 18 years of real experience in design directing alone, I would like to invite any and all ways I can share my education and experience with you. My next venture and dream is to become a teacher so I would delight curating our unique dialogue and what you would like to learn and take with you.

Areas of Expertise:

art direction

marketing + campaign

concept development

ideation sketches

Drawings + floor plans

mood boards

creative decks

material specifications

team management


interior + set styling

furniture + exhibit design

lighting direction

artisanal skills:

wood working + welding

weaving + textile dying

ceramics + mold-making

glass blowing


model making


textile arts

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Skills & Interests:

cconsulting, installation art, set design, interior & furniture design, craft design, events, experiential design