Samantha Swaim

Portland, Oregon, United States

Event Producer, Fundraising Strategist, Event Planner

Swaim Strategies

There are many ways to make the world a better place. I do it by helping non-profit organizations raise the money they need to do their good work. I put the “fun” in fundraising and love coming up with creative event ideas and helping my clients maximize their income and reach.

I started Samantha Swaim Fundraising in 1998. We have grown to become a team of seven national consultants based in Portland, Oregon and we work with over 40 non-profit organizations a year to help increase their fundraising through events and major sponsorships.

Being a consultant allows me to produce many great events a year for a wide variety of causes that I am passionate about.


My background is in theater production, so producing events has always been a natural fit. These days, instead of putting on plays, I organize galas and events that raise much needed funding for non-profit organizations. This job allows me to be creative, work with passionate change agents and contribute to causes that make the world a better place.

Anytime I can help a non-profit grow their event and add more funding to their mission it's a great day. I love traveling to different parts of the country, learning about the great work non-profits are doing in their communities and helping them raise money.

Prior to starting my consulting business, I worked in theater production, as a teacher, a project manager and production manager for the Grammy Awards. I love seeing all the little details come together that make fun and profitable events. I’ve helped organize events big and small from auctions to galas to sporting events.

One of the things I love most about my job is the flexibility to work with many causes that I care about and the ability to manage my own work and lifestyle. When working with clients, I help them design events that will best fit their support base.

For my work, I’ve been recognized as the Small Business Alliance Home Based Business Champion of the Year for 2011 and Willamette Week’s Best Bash Builder of 2011. I am honored to be able to work with great leaders in philanthropy like Chronicle of Philanthropy, AFP, and Greater Giving.

I will advise you on the ins and outs of event planning, including how to plan and execute an event that fits the audience, has a message and that engages participants. I will also show you how to maximize fundraising. I also help existing event producers learn how to smartly grow their business by focusing on a niche and honing existing skills.