Melissa Broughton

Santa Barbara, California, United States

Esthetician, Writer

Spa Defined

I visit spas to have treatments and then write about them for various websites and publications. Yes! This is my job. Well, OK, part of my job.

In addition to being a writer, I am also the lead esthetician instructor at the local community college and owner of an advanced aesthetics clinic. I’ve been in this business since 2004.

Some of the skills I will share with you are:
• Skin physiology. I know a lot about spas and treatments, including Italian spas as I lived there for three months visiting spas.
• The pros and cons of being an esthetician.
• How to get published.
• About teaching at a vocational college.
• Specifically how to be a spa writer.


There are so many things to love about my job, but the thing I love the most is teaching esthetics. I adore students and their enthusiasm for the spa industry. The majority of my work time is spent prepping for classes and one-on-one instruction in addition to working with my clients since I am a practicing esthetician with a clinic of my own.

As for the writing side of my business, I love the travel. And the pampering! I also love sharing with my readers the know-how of taking care of one’s skin and the secrets of aging gracefully.

My job as a teacher, esthetician and writer provides much room for creativity and a flexible (but full) schedule. I am my own boss and I love that. I make a good living and have balance in my life -- that's what spa treatments and rejuvenation are for!

Prior to this career path, I worked in higher education administration and student affairs. I am the author of The Little College Handbook: A First Generations Guide to Getting in and Staying In.

I was drawn to being an esthetician because I wanted to be my own boss and saw the spa industry growing. I loved being in higher education, but wanted to try teaching.

Neither of my parents graduated high school. I am a first-generation college graduate and went on to earn my Master degree. Now, some years later, I am a college instructor, a business owner, and a published writer. I could not be happier about how my career has evolved!