Elisa Robyn

Denver, Colorado, United States

Dean, Professor

Regis University

Life as an academic Dean is challenging and simultaneously profoundly rewarding. Life as a professor at a university is one of the best jobs in the world. Many academics spend their lives in the classroom, while others move into the area of academic leadership. I have lived in both worlds in a small private art college, a large urban community college and a mid-sized liberal arts university and can help you find your best fit.


In the last 25 years I have been an adjunct faculty, full professor, department chair, associate Dean, and Academic Dean in seven different institutions. My career includes online teaching with the University of Colorado Denver, Ferris University, Walden University, and Colorado Mountain College. I have served as an Academic Dean at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, the Community College of Denver, and Regis University. Each position and institution provided me an opportunity to mentor new faculty and administrators. I loved that this aspect of my positions allowed me to keep learning and growing while helping others to build a successful future.

It is my goal to help individuals bring their best-selves to work, and to discover the pathway that will bring them the most happiness and success. There are reasons to stay in the classroom, be that online or on the ground, and reasons to move into academic leadership roles. As a guide-on-the-side I help individuals explore and discern their best goal, as well as building a plan to reach that goal.

As a mentor I will help you explore:
• The reality of higher education careers;
• How to plan and prepare for various careers in colleges and universities;
• The different types of institutions and where to find the best personal fit;
• What educational credentials and experiences are necessary;
• How to build a support network that supports career progression;
• Dealing with academic politics and communication;
• Change and transition in higher education;
• Hanging on to your passion.

These are topic highlights with each session responding to your needs. I bring to our sessions not only my experience, but my suggestions for connecting with institutions, and support on a job search.

I have a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Geology, a PhD in Educational Psychology, a second Master’s in Jewish Studies, and training in online curriculum, design thinking, and academic leadership. I have reinvented myself many times through my life, and have expertise in change and transition. I would love to help you find your new career and academic adventure.