Christopher Lhulier

Needham, Massachusetts, United States

Corporate Attorney

Mintz Levin

Creativity and joy are not typically what you associate with the legal profession. However, I continually find opportunities to be inspired, joyful and fulfilled. I have found a way to work in a very demanding, high stress environment and still maintain balance between the demands of a law career and the personal aspects of my life - the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

I work in the corporate and securities section at a large full-service law firm in Boston. We have 400 attorneys with nine offices worldwide. My practice is concentrated in the areas of debt financings, secured transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private equity financing and general corporate matters.
My own efforts to maintain a balanced professional and personal life has led me to helping others in my firm do the same and feel inspired by their work. Success in the law field requires not only intellect, discipline and hard work, but it also requires creativity, passion, vision and humor.


I received my bachelor’s degree in international relations from the University of Delaware and my law degree from Villanova University School of Law.

I have gradually become aware law is the right career for me. I have made it my dream job by blending in other interests I enjoy and that inspire me. I am proud my colleagues respect me not only technically as a good lawyer, but, more importantly, they respect me as a person because of the way I conduct myself in my practice

I will share with you how being a lawyer doesn't mean you have to sacrifice all other aspects of your life. There is a method to succeeding as a lawyer, while also prospering in your personal life. We will discuss the many ways you can use your skills as a lawyer to help others, how to prosper in the high stress environment of a large law firm and all the substantive and technical aspects of my career you are interested in learning about.