Shelagh Ratner

Los Angeles, California, United States

Voiceover Artist, Comedian

Shelagh Ratner

I love using my voice and talent to connect with people, inspire and make them laugh.

I did my first voice over in 1994 for a television spot for Lady Foot Locker and Reebok. They wanted me to sound like someone who worked out! I have continued to hone my skills ever since, staying focused and remaining positive in order to make things happen.

Although I work with agents, I am a self-employed performer. So, my company is me!

I look forward to showing you the ropes of finding your voice in the world of voice performance…and how to make it into a part-time or full-time business.


When I started in the business of voice over, I was a “dark horse” but finally found an agent who would take me on. I didn’t give up on myself. After many auditions, my determination and tenacity began to pay off, and I began to land more jobs.

Over the years, I have done film work and booked hundreds of voice overs for radio and, television. I was the voice of AT&T commercials for eight years. My dependability, flexibility and commitment to my craft have served me well in developing relationships with my clients.

Early in my career I realized I needed to not only like the sound of my own voice, but I also needed to believe I had the right to say what I was saying…and assume others would listen and believe in what I was saying.

Lessons learned? Do not take "rejection" personally; do not burn bridges; do not try to sound or perform like anyone else; avoid professional jealousy at all costs, just do a good job and then let it go.

I strive to be a true professional, who trades not only on my voice but also on my improvisational skills, quick mind and belief in myself. There are no guarantees in my work, but it is exciting and fulfilling and about finding your voice…literally and metaphorically.