Lauren Fix

Lancaster, New York, United States

Automotive Analyst

Automotive Aspects Inc.

I believe in “carma”. Not karma, but carma. I am passionate about the auto industry, and I want to inform, empower, educate and entertain people about automotive related subjects. After all, what comes around goes around…and I want everyone to have good “carma”.

In 1986, I created my own career path - no one was doing what I wanted to do, so I blazed the trail. Today, I am an award winning automotive expert, author, keynote speaker, automotive analyst and automotive correspondent for Time Warner Cable. As “The Car Coach”, I have helped many drivers become their
own car expert.

I am passionate about the auto industry and totally love what I do.


I have worked in the auto industry all my life and understand it firsthand. I am an ASE certified technician and a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). My goal is to share information in a fun, friendly and informative manner anyone can understand.

I have appeared numerous times on Oprah, TODAY, The View, CNN, FOX News, ABC 20/20, Headlines News, MSNBC, TBS Makeover, a movie Inside Edition, The Early Show, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, The Weather Channel, ESPN, Discovery, Speed, Live with Regis & Kelly, B. Smith Style and National Public Radio. In 2008, I received the Automotive Woman of the Year award.

In addition to my expertise in the automotive field, I also have experience in sales, marketing, social media, public relations, talent, media training, product development, QVC access and entrepreneurial development. I also own Automotive Aspects Inc., a consulting firm that provides media consulting, broadcast messaging strategy services and motivational seminars called “Lauren Speaks”.
I pride myself on being a realistic thinker and making dreams come true….in a practical way. Life is a journey that requires constant maintenance….kind of like a car. You must always be doing your homework. If you are interested in what I do and how I do it, I will help you “read the road signs” to determine if working within the automotive industry is the right career path for you.